Follow the videos below to solo mine.

Some Youtube help to Download a windows wallet, backup transfer etc:

GPU (Graphic card mining)  A video says a million words so I made 3 for you :)


Windows Wallet: Here
This is a list of video cards and their Speeds
It's the speed of your video card that matters. Not the speed of your
internet connection. ATI is a lot faster than Nvidia.
Allow chrome to download files if it says NO.
Download your wallet above for Windows.
To Start: GPU mining (with a fancy video card)
Allow yourself to see the hidden folders on your computer. (windows file setting)
So go to: computer/organize/'folder and search options'/view/and click 'show hidden files folders and drives' & apply. (for Windows 7)
Allow yourself to see the .txt extensions on your computer files.  (windows file setting)
So go to: computer/organize/'folder and search options'/view/and click 'hide extensions for known file types' & apply. (for Windows 7)
Paste the below information into notepad
and save as gcoin.conf (in file name box) 
put in top search box     C:\Users\Greg\AppData\Roaming\GCoin\  
and save
Check .txt is not at the end
To download cgminer 3.7.2 and some sample batch files I use 
with my Radeon R9270 video cards (or similar): Click Here.
CGminer script.
del scrypt*.bin
cgminer.exe --scrypt -o localhost:16384 -u gregory -p password32 -g 1 -w 256 -I 18 --thread-concurrency 21900 --temp-target 77 --temp-overheat 86 --temp-cutoff 90 --lookup-gap 2 --gpu-engine 1120 --gpu-memclock 1400 --gpu-powertune 20


Wait for your coin to appear.
If the balance is incorrect on your wallet due to a computer crash:
(Error: The transaction was rejected.  This might happen if some
of the coins in your wallet were already spent, such as if you used
a copy of wallet.dat and coins were spent in the copy but not
marked as spent here.)
Copy cmd program into your GCoin program folder. Open it.
Type gcoin-qt.exe -rescan to open the wallet. It will fix :)
GCoin addnode discussions.