Subject: Affiliate program.

Hi online seller of Goods.

GCoin will sell your goods for you:

The way this would work is:
1) We advertise to our 50,000+ visitors they can spend their GCoin on your website.
2) You put a note somewhere on your website stating you will accept GCoin
and show the exchange rate. For example G1m = €1 (or $ or £). This rate will change in time.
3) They order product on your site (Maximum €80 for the moment)
4) They send us their GCoin. If the sale was for a total of €50 we send €40 to you.
5) When you have your cleared funds you dispatch the product
6) Our profit is the 20% discount we receive from you.
You don't need anything on the front page. All we need is a URL link.